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Taiwo Apampa is a self-taught visual artist who infuses jewelry and texture into her acrylic paintings.


Her inspirations stem from her deep-rooted African heritage. Being born in Nigeria and strongly influenced by a matriarch and a host of strong African women; she grew up inspired by the African woman’s strength, beauty, richness of her brown skin and above all, the grace to look elegant and unscathed even in midst of chaos; "this I want to share with the world".

Artist Statement
The different eras in my life have defined my stages of evolution. What was constant in all the phases of evolution is my passion - passion for art, passion for women, passion to help present women as the heroes in their lives, powerful, resplendent, ART.


With the birth of my children, the first two being girls, there was the throbbing need to keep them grounded. I was desperate to make sure that their identity as black girls in a world that tries to shrink them, was rooted in dignity, in pride and knowledge of their self worth. This is mostly what I try to recreate in my art.

The intention of the art that I create is to weave a tapestry of the contemporary African woman who manifests her own evolution, sits in her own power, changes the narrative and creates a culture that enables her overcome and thrive.

I hope my art makes space, holds space and validates my girls, black girls and black women.
I hope my art thoroughly reflects this part of my evolution - power, beauty, strength, grit and versatility.

Adeola, Toronto

I really love my new mouse pad and I’m smiling just enjoying the beauty and grace these African women depict and bring to an otherwise basic tool.
Thank you Taiwo Apampa for providing gift options that celebrates our heritage.

Nancy, Nova Scotia

I love them all! Pictures don’t do justice. They are so high quality and beautiful. Perfect addition to my space!

David, NewYork

I am truly overwhelmed with gratitude for the incredible gift of your artwork. Your generosity in sharing your talent has added immense beauty to my home and office space. Each Piece is a masterpiece. Thank you for brightening my world with your creativity
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