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Empower and Celebrate the Black Woman with Custom Artwork Stickers: Your Creativity, Your Tribute to the Strength of African Women!


These stickers are scratch and waterproof (Perfect to place on notebooks, laptops, water bottles and so much more!


Artwork Title: What Binds Us (WBU)

What Binds Us

In a world filled with diversity and differences, "What Binds Us" seeks to explore the common threads that unite us as human beings. This artwork is a reflection on the profound connections that transcend our individual experiences, cultures, and backgrounds. As an artist, I believe in the power of art to convey emotions, tell stories, and foster understanding. "What Binds Us" is a visual representation of the invisible ties that connect us all.


What Binds Us Vinyl Sticker


    Adeola, Toronto

    I really love my new mouse pad and I’m smiling just enjoying the beauty and grace these African women depict and bring to an otherwise basic tool.
    Thank you Taiwo Apampa for providing gift options that celebrates our heritage.

    Nancy, Nova Scotia

    I love them all! Pictures don’t do justice. They are so high quality and beautiful. Perfect addition to my space!

    David, NewYork

    I am truly overwhelmed with gratitude for the incredible gift of your artwork. Your generosity in sharing your talent has added immense beauty to my home and office space. Each Piece is a masterpiece. Thank you for brightening my world with your creativity
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