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In the magnificent tapestry of Yoruba tradition, there exists a figure of unparalleled grandeur and wisdom – Oba, the Yoruba king. His presence personifies the quintessence of noble rulership, representing unwavering leadership, sagacity, and a profound love for his people. Oba stands as a living embodiment of the rich heritage and traditions of the Yoruba, a cornerstone of hope and unity among his subjects. His regal wisdom and compassionate rule have ushered prosperity and harmony into his community, making him more than just a king by title; he is a cherished father, a mentor, and a confidant.


Oba's reign is a living testament to the enduring spirit of Yoruba monarchy. His majestic bearing and unwavering commitment to his people continue to inspire and unite, reminding us that true kingship transcends the regal trappings to focus on the nobility, character, and dedication one brings to their role.


In Oba, we witness the embodiment of the Yoruba king, a force of unity and strength whose legacy is woven into the very fabric of his people's lives, today and for generations to come.

OBA Art Print

PriceFrom C$35.00
  • Year: 2021

    Original: One of a kind Artwork

    Paper Quality: Card stock 12 point slightly glossy | Giclee archival print - 310 gsm

    Signature: Hand signed by Artist

Adeola, Toronto

I really love my new mouse pad and I’m smiling just enjoying the beauty and grace these African women depict and bring to an otherwise basic tool.
Thank you Taiwo Apampa for providing gift options that celebrates our heritage.

Nancy, Nova Scotia

I love them all! Pictures don’t do justice. They are so high quality and beautiful. Perfect addition to my space!

David, NewYork

I am truly overwhelmed with gratitude for the incredible gift of your artwork. Your generosity in sharing your talent has added immense beauty to my home and office space. Each Piece is a masterpiece. Thank you for brightening my world with your creativity
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