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In Yoruba culture, the name given to a child is symbolic of their history or their destiny.


IYOBA She is Queen.
This art piece is from the Royalty collection.

Iyoba is from the Edo kingdom in southern Nigeria - Western Africa. The Edo people make up one of the largest ethnic groups in Nigeria and have a rich cultural heritage. The Edo Kingdom, also known as the Benin Kingdom, is located in present-day Edo State, Nigeria.

The position of the queen (known as the Iyoba in the Edo language) is incredibly important in Edo society. The queen is often considered the mother of the people and has ceremonial and administrative duties within the kingdom. She plays a significant role in the religious and political life of the Edo people.

One of the most famous Edo queens is Queen Idia, who lived during the 16th century. She was the mother of the Oba (king) Esigie and played a crucial role in his ascension to the throne. Queen Idia was known for her military and strategic skills and is often depicted wearing a unique headdress in Edo artwork.

Today, the Edo Nigerian queen continues to hold a position of prestige and influence within the Edo Kingdom. They participate in various cultural festivals, ceremonies, and events, showcasing the rich cultural heritage of the Edo people.


PriceFrom C$35.00
  • Year: 2022

    Original: One of a kind Artwork

    Paper Quality: Card stock 12 point slightlyy glossy | Giclee archival print - 310 gsm 

    Signature: Hand signed by Artist



Adeola, Toronto

I really love my new mouse pad and I’m smiling just enjoying the beauty and grace these African women depict and bring to an otherwise basic tool.
Thank you Taiwo Apampa for providing gift options that celebrates our heritage.

Nancy, Nova Scotia

I love them all! Pictures don’t do justice. They are so high quality and beautiful. Perfect addition to my space!

David, NewYork

I am truly overwhelmed with gratitude for the incredible gift of your artwork. Your generosity in sharing your talent has added immense beauty to my home and office space. Each Piece is a masterpiece. Thank you for brightening my world with your creativity
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